Disaster, Disruption, Digitisation, Demand and Diversity | UPSC

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Disaster, Disruption, Digitisation, Demand and Diversity UPSC

Disaster, Disruption, Digitisation, Demand and Diversity


Need to embrace interdisciplinary culture, power of technology and intense collaboration to protect ourselves and the planet: S. Ramadorai

      WHY IN NEWS:

Padma Bhushan S. Ramadorai delivers Lockdown Lecture on Disaster, Disruption, Digitisation, Demand and Diversity

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Culture
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3:Disaster Managment


For PRELIMS if you can spare a little time then we recommend you to watch this video.

For MAINS we have mentioned the key-points from this lecture ! Let us grasp this .


Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services Mumbai talks about ‘Disruption Digitisation Demand’, addressing the disruption caused in various sectors due to the pandemic and opportunities lying within.  


  • Delivering the virtual Lockdown Lecture organized by Nehru Science Centre, Ministry of Culture, Shri S. Ramadorai has emphasized the need for innovation in every field.

  While discussing the 5Ds – Disaster, Disruption, Digitisation, Demand and Diversity, Padma Bhushan S. Ramadorai said, “With right perspective and drawing inspiration from our deepest traditions of diversity, we can pave the way to a world of new possibilities and opportunities”.


  • Pandemics, natural calamities and disasters caused due to human interventions, from Plague that hit the world in 1885 to SARS.
  • ‘Pandemics’ are going to be a part of our lives.
  • Human beings are exhibiting support and community initiative  during pandemics which was remarkable.
  • ‘It is such attitude of the citizens that needs to be focused upon’,.


  • Power of digitisation and digital technology is very crucial in overcoming such disruptions.

  Direct Benefit Transfer that helps government to deliver essential social services to citizens needs innovation that goes beyond typical area of banking, insurance and financial services.

  • “When it comes to public health initiatives by the government, a new paradigm for infrastructure, geographical distribution of providers, and care giving are beginning to take shape.


  • Emergence of new opportunities, diversification,
  • Medical devices,
  • Automation in primary health centres,

  Ability to gather data in real time basis and getting into predictive analytics .

  • Digitisation can be a big boost to Fine arts and Culture too.


  •  Pandemic has erased the boundaries within humanity.
  • “The rich v/s poor divide has almost disappeared from the pandemic point of view.
  • COVID19 can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  We have to accept the fact that community becomes the centre of everything; the planet and the nature is crucial.

  • Hence diversity has to be accepted as a way of life and as a medium”, .
  • We need to work towards a borderless world.
  • Our ecosystem has to be rethought and reengineered connecting human and nature.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

The need for an inter-disciplinary culture, technology incorporation in all our thinking and collaboration in the most intense manner irrespective of our strata in the society to protect the planet, environment and ourselves.


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