OPERATION MERI SAHELI  : The RPF recently launched ‘Meri Saheli’ initiative for the security of female passengers during the train journey.

Nobel Peace Prize 2020 | UPSC

Nobel Peace Prize 2020 | UPSC : World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize 2020 , WFP headquarter is located at Rome , Italy .

Swachh Bharat Diwas 2020 | UPSC

Swachh Bharat Diwas 2020 | UPSC : The Swachh Bharat Diwas 2020 was celebrated on occasion of Gandhi Jayanti with Swachh Bharat Puraskar .

Nrityanjali Film Festival | UPSC

Nrityanjali Film Festival | UPSC : Nrityanjali an online film festival on Indian Classical Dance and Maestros from 23rd to 25th Sept, 2020.

Bagh Printing _ UPSC

Bagh Printing | UPSC

Bagh Printing | UPSC : The Khatri family are pioneers of Bagh Printing and have been undertaking it for generations. # BAGH PRINTING

Raagotsav II | UPSC

Raagotsav II | UPSC : The concluding part of ‘Raagotsav – Celebration of Monsoon’, an online festival of rare Films Division documentaries .

Swachh Mahotsav | UPSC

Swachh Mahotsav | UPSC : A total of 129 awards will be handed to the top performing cities and states titled “Swachh Mahotsav”.

Khazan Agriculture System UPSC

Khazan Agriculture System | UPSC

Khazan Agriculture System | UPSC : the low-lying floodplains of Goa, characterised by an estuarine agricultural system called Khazan agriculture system.

Dharma Chakra Day | UPSC

Dharma Chakra Day | UPSC : Buddhists all over the world celebrate the day of Dharma Chakra Parvattana or “Turning of the Wheel of Dharma”.

Prerak Dauur Samman | UPSC

Prerak Dauur Samman : ‘PRERAK DAUUR SAMMAN’ new category of awards introduced will categorize cities on the basis of six select indicators.

Padma Awards UPSC

Padma Awards | UPSC

Padma Awards | UPSC : The Padma Awards are conferred on the recommendations made by the Padma Awards Committee,constituted by the Prime Minister every year.

Gujjars Tribe | UPSC

Gujjars Tribe | UPSC : Gujjars are a large heterogeneous group that is internally differentiated in terms of culture ,occupation, and socio-economic status.

TRIFED Tribes India IAS

TRIFED | Tribes India | UPSC

TRIFED | Tribes India | UPSC : Webinar-Be Vocal for Local and Go digital-TRIFED embarks on a massive digitisation drive to connect Tribals.

National Statistics Day | UPSC

National Statistics Day | UPSC : is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Prof. P C Mahalanobis # father of Indian Statistics .

Tharu Tribe | UPSC

Tharu Tribe | UPSC : The Tharu community belongs to the Terai lowlands, amidst the Sivaliks or lower Himalayas.Each village has a headman.

Cyclone Amphan UPSC

Cyclone Amphan Updated | UPSC

A low-pressure area over south-east Bay of Bengal and the south Andaman sea — formed on May 13, 2020 morning — may result in the subsequent formation of a cyclone