Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC

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Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC

Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC


Kritagya AgTech Hackathon by National Agricultural Higher Education Project of ICAR

      WHY IN NEWS:

Kritagya Ag-Tech-Hackathon to promote innovation in farm mechanization with special emphasis on women friendly equipments

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Agriculture : Hackathon


For PRELIMS theme and the problem statement of this Hackathon stand important for Prelims .

For MAINS it is a note worthy event to enhance your general science paper three answers . Let us dive in !


In order to promote potential technology solutions for enhancing farm mechanization a hackathon named “KRITAGYA” has been planned.



KRI-TA-GYA explains, KRI for Krishi (Agriculture), TA for Taknik (Technology) and GYA for Gyan (Knowledge).

  • This event will give an opportunity to the students / faculties / entrepreneurs / innovators and others.
  • The event will showcase innovative approaches & technology solutions to promote farm mechanization (FM) in India.


  • Such initiatives under NAHEP along with Agricultural Engineering, Division of ICAR .

This will also help in enhancing the learning capabilities, innovations and disruptive solutions.

  • Hence will also boost employability and entrepreneurial drive in FM sector.


  • The registration for event has already been started from 15th September 2020.
  • The last date for registration is 30th September 2020.


Students / faculties / innovators from any university / technical institution across the country.

  • Participating students can collaborate with local start-ups, students from technology institutes including IlTs and NITs etc.
  • The group size must not exceed of 4 members.


  • The event provides a platform to showcase and recognize an innovative and disruptive farm mechanization solution.

The theme is to promote ‘Women Friendly Farm Machinery & Equipment

Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC


A two tier event framework will be followed during the event.

  • TIER ONE : Screening Round, after the registration, applicants will be screened out and called for technical presentation from the respective zones.
  • TIER TWO : National Round, where top 10 Zonal level winners will be called for Grand Finale to showcase their solution.


  • Women friendly equipment for small farm operations
  • Automatic transplanter/seeder for wetland paddy
  • Automatic weeder for new crops
  • Robotic harvesting of coconut/oil palm
  • Selective Harvesting of physiologically matured tree fruits
  • On-the-go measurement of soil qualities and precision application of fertilisers
  • Device for contactless determination of biotic stresses to crops
  • Harvesting of vegetables in multiple picking
  • Cotton picking for Indian conditions
  • Crop residue handling, storage and management
  • Automatic vegetable transplanter
  • Yield determination without crop cutting or crop harvesting
  • Real time detection of plant diseases and simultaneous site-specific application of pesticides
  • Solar/hybrid power tractor/prime movers for farm cultivation operation


Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • ICAR’s aim to enhance automation and mechanization to increase the farm productivity and profitability and also to reduce the drudgery.

The ICAR commenced NAHEP, a Government of India and World Bank project, in November 2017.

  • The overall objective to support the National Agricultural Research and Education System in providing more relevant and better quality education to the students.
     SOURCES: PIB | Kritagya AgTech Hackathon | UPSC


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