National Biopharma Mission in 2020 | UPSC

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National Biopharma Mission | UPSC

National Biopharma Mission | UPSC


National Biopharma Mission

      WHY IN NEWS:

“National Biopharma Mission is supporting small and medium enterprises for biopharmaceutical product development, enhancing industry academia interlinkages and providing opportunities to translate knowledge into products/technologies for vaccines, biotherapeutics, devices and diagnostics.”– Dr Harsh Vardhan

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Science & Technology
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3 : Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals : Science and Technology


For PRELIMS go through aim , implementation and funding . Do not forget the ministry .

For MAINS objectives and goals of this initiative can play a vital role in framing your answers related to Biopharma.Let us dive in !



  • The National Biopharma Mission was approved by the Cabinet in 2017.

The India biopharmaceutical market accounts for 2% of global market

  • The Indian vaccine market is 3.5% of the total global vaccine market.

National Biopharma Mission | UPSC


The aim is to transform the health standards of the country through affordable product development and bring 5-7 biopharmaceutical products closer to market.

  • The Mission is a Pan-India Programme with the main aim of making India a hub for biopharmaceutical products and solutions.


The total project cost is US$ 250 million which is co-funded World Bank 50%.


  • Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) , Department of Biotechnology (DBT).


a) Specific Product development under vaccines, biosimilars and medical devices

b) Building shared infrastructure for product testing, characterization and manufacturing

c) Promoting scientific research through establishment of translational research consortia and development of novel biopharmaceuticals and devices

d) Skill development though trainings

e)  Creating and enhancing technology transfer and intellectual property management.


  • The Mission is supporting small and medium enterprises for biopharmaceutical product development.
  • This will also enhance industry academia interlinkages.

It is providing opportunities to translate knowledge into products/technologies for vaccines, biotherapeutics, devices and diagnostics.

  • The indigenous manufacturing is promoted through the supported shared facilities for process optimization, clinical grade manufacturing of Biologics etc.
  • Analytical testing labs, cell line repository, prototyping facilities, large animal testing facilities and medTech zone for manufacturing devices are promoted on large scale.
  • These high capital facilities provide easy access to equipment and infrastructure thus encouraging indigenous  manufacturing.
  • Technology transfer offices have been established to support technology transfer and support entrepreneurship.
  • Financial and mentorship support has been provided to industry and academia for indigenous product development.
  • This includes projects on development of components of upstream and downstream biologics manufacturing.

Engineered cell lines, media, resins and bioreactors which are currently in-licensed, requiring huge capital.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • To boost innovation, Mission is also supporting development  of novel biologics, novel vaccines and medical devices like MRI,  ventilators,  diagnostic probes and Medical grade camera.
  • Five projects are being supported in Haryana, 3 projects in Faridabad district (for Medical Device ) and 2 in Gurgaon district (for Medical device).
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | National Biopharma Mission | UPSC


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